Chula Laundry Guide

How to take care of my new Chula dress?

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Dry Clean

We always recommend to use Dry Cleaning services for our products as it is the cleaning method which better will preserve from color fade through the years. 


Taffeta, Organza, Danang Silk, Soft Silk, Raw Silk...
All silk products must be dried clean!
Silk is a too delicate fabric to be cleaned differently.

Minority Fabric - batik

Ethnic Minority Fabric on light support must also be dried cleaned.
When hand-washed, it is hard to avoid the tint from ethnic minority fabrics to bleed on light tones of linen or wool.

We also understand dry clean is not the most convenient or the cheapest method on earth...
So worry not, here come other alternatives:


linen - denim

Denim dresses and jackets are 100% eligible for hand-wash.
We also recommend to hand-wash our linen dresses and jackets with a gentle scrubbing on the painted stamps.

minority fabric - batik

Minority Fabric or Batik dresses on a Dark support as black, dark blue linen or denim are also safe to hand-wash.

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Delicate Wash

Using a Mesh Bag

digital printing

Our Digital Printing Collections are the easiest to take care of. Use a Mesh bag and a delicate washing program and voila!

Kaki - velvet

Velvet and Kaki (Outsider Collection) items are also safe to clean with a delicate washing program. However, always use a Mesh Bag, especially to avoid damaging the stitches and buttons. 

If you have any doubt concerning the cleaning guide of your Chula product, please don't hesitate to contact us at: